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The second queen on our minds today is the legendary queen of Sheba herself. Her kingdom is fabled to have span from East Africa to South West Asia. Her knowledge and wisdom stood up against one of the wisest (depending on what you believe) men in the world, King Solomon. Her beauty has been spoken about for 3000 years and has enchanted many the world over – religious, and non-religious believers.

Though a lot about her is lost to us today, some of the triumphs of this lady-baus are still told in stories in Africa and the Middle East.

She sat a top a vast spice empire and ruled her people justly and kindly. She won several battles for her kingdom against those who would wish to take the riches of her land for themselves. She was an earnest seeker of knowledge and truth and encouraged study among her people; while she hit the books herself.

Her story (what we know of her) is a little bit of myth, a little bit of fact but legendary on a grand scale. The Queen of Sheba, everybody.


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