Retro Polaroid SX-70 OneStep Rainbow Stripe Land Camera

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I know all of you have heard of this one before. Or you’ve seen it. I even saw one of these on OLX a few years ago. I should have gotten it. Sigh. Now all I can do is write about it. 😛

This is a folding single lens reflex camera produced by the polaroid company from 1972 to 1981. Though it was expensive at the time, it was a popular release and retains a cult following to date.


I feel like I don’t need to say this because we all already know that the coolest thing about this camera is the instant photos! Yup, it prints your photos for you immediately you take them. For those of us who need to take 100 photos at a time, we would need a small fortune to supply all that photo paper, but a cool camera for anyone else. 😀

There really is nothing like watching your photo develop right in front of your eyes.

To find this camera, go through your grandma’s (and her friends!) old things, or visit the ancient looking photography shops on River Road. These go for about Ksh 3,000  ($30), but on OLX it was listed at Ksh 2,000 ($20).

FUN FACT: Both Andy Warhol and Ansen Adams loved this camera!

fuji instax mini 8 + polaroid 3 +
Polaroid Photos!!!

Disclaimer: NOT my photos 


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