Ricohflex TLR

Get this illustration of the Ricohflex for yourself on the Instagram page. @bissu_art

Ricoh manufactured a series of Twin Lens Reflex Cameras in the 1950’s. There were two basic lines, the first was a series of low cost TLR’s that were made out of component pieces of stamped metal. These cameras are easily recognized by their geared focusing rings. These were sold in huge numbers by Ricoh.

I mean, of course they were! These cameras look bomb AF.


Don’t let the images deceive you, though. This camera looks big and bulky, but it’s actually only as tall as a large Samsung smartphone. When I looked it up, the camera had varying prices (there were a few kinds that were released) ranging from about Ksh. 4999 ($49.99) to Ksh. 12,000 ($120), with the more expensive cameras having more knobs and doohickeys.

The Ricohflex also takes beautiful photos.

If you did get one of these, that would earn you major bragging rights in my book. 🙂

Disclaimer: Not my photographs.


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